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Acrylic canvas

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What is Acrylic?

Acrylic Canvas is a synthetic woven material, supplied in a range of finishes, designed to excel in outdoor applications. A highly technical but natural Canvas apperance makes this fabric perfectly suited to withstand the rigours of the outside and marine environment. Solution Dyed Acrylic is the most colour stable cloth available with the highest UV resistance.

Acrylic comes in 3 different finishes


The uncoated Canvas features a flurocarbon (Teflon) impregnation treatment. It is water resistant to 350mm but still retains some breathability. This is predominantly suitabel where some protection from the elements is required, still allowing moisture and dampness to pass through. Uses arr sail covers, dodgers, lee cloths and covers on traditional wooden boats.

PU coated

The Special resin coating adds a barrier layer to the underside of the Acrylic Canvas increasing its water column rating to 800mm, but naturally reducing there air permeability. The PU coating is the most popular of finishes supplied in the marine market, with its main use being in sprayhoods, enclosures and biminis.


PVC Coated Grey Backed

The PVC coating increases the water resistance to over 100mm but adds a full PVC coating to the underside. This gives an almost 100% waterproof barrier on the fabric and thus is suitable where you require the protection this offers, combined with the apperance still of natural canvas. The grey PVC pigment helps to improve the light if used for smaller covers such as cratch covers on narrow boats.


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Top gun is a superb marine cover fabric designed for long lasting colour, super high strengths, abrasion resistance, minimal breathability. Virtually no stretching or shrinkage over time, mildew and ultra violet resistant and very water repellent. The coating of Top Gun will not peel, chip, flake or crack even in extremely low temperatures. To maintain a sharp apperance all that is required is to periodically clean with a mild soap and soft brush followed by a thorough rinse. Tog Gun is warranted against premature failure in marine cover applications. We mainly us this fabric in storage covers.



Utilizing breakthrough UV technology, WeatherMax not only goes the distance with the long term colour retention of traditional acrylic fabrics, but reaches far beyond for superior water resistance and durability. With engineered yarn memory, WeatherMax always maintains a sophisticated apperance and never exhibits unsightly sagging from age, rain or exposure. The HydroMax finish means no coatings for a cleaner enviroment and an excellent breathable fabric, for outstanding mold and mildew resistance. WeatherMax, a perfect balance of science, toughness and elegance combined to battle the elements and provide the finely balanced outdoor fabric you’ve been wanting… but couldn’t get. Until now.