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Lazy Jack Bags & Boom Covers

Lazy jack bags allow the mainsail to be dropped and stowed quickly and with minimum effort.. They avoid the need to flake the main and therefore it is a lot easier, and safer, while out on the water. The bags themselves are ‘v’ shaped in cross section and held at the inverted apex, by a bolt rope in the track which runs the length of the upper surface of the boom. There is no drilling involved in fitting the bag. It is held open by two full length battens in the bag itself and a series of lines to the mast. When the main is dropped it is packed into the bag and zipped closed. We use a variety of marine fabrics that can match your existing covers.

We have been asked to reproduce some quite exotic scripts and, within reason, we can usually accommodate such requests!

There is often no need for us to measure your boat. as we can supply you with an easy form that you can complete with dimensions and return to us. This enables us to keep prices down.

If you have never had a bag, you will need the lazy jack lines fitted to the mast. Please give us a call as we can also do the rigging work for you and supply the spliced lines.

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