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Valeting Process

Sail washing will become necessary at some point during a sail’s life.

Washing sails extends their life, not only does it remove oil, dirt and keeps the mildew at bay, it removes salt.. Salt is an abrasive and damages cloth, fitting and threads.


wash before

Before the wash





When we have sails for washing we have a standard procedure for completing the work.

First step

Drop sails off with us, or give us a call, we can collect sails from local marinas, or even remove the sails for you.- (we do have to charge for removing sails).

Stage 2
We check over your sails in detail noting down any problems we find. We then weigh the sails, as pricing for laundry is calculated by weight.

Contact customer

No work is carried out without your permission, we will contact you with the prices for the work we recommend, we can provide a quick turn around for those customers who are making the most of those crisp winter days.


If the prices are agreed, sails are prepared for the washing process Ie, if you are having a new uv strip the old one is removed allowing the leech to be washed thoroughly, removal of cars etc..
Sails are then washed by a professional sail laundry in Portsmouth.

When the sails have been  returned from the wash they are inspected and repaired as previously discussed.

Once all work is complete we will send you the bill. We are more than happy to store you sails for as long as you require (free of charge), we just ask that payment is made when the work has been completed.

Pick up
When you need the sails again, drop in or contact us to see if we can drop them off for you.

This same process applies for cover washing.